aigo Flash Drive U368

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    • Mfi Official Certification Number: MFi certification is a kind of marked-used license for external accessories produced by the iPhone-authorized accessory manufacturer. The global pass rate of Mfi certification is 2%, which can effectively guarantee product quality. Real Mfi-certified products will display their official registration number, Aigo's official certification number is 223785-0059.
    • Dual-port USB Flash Drive: The USB flash drive has two USB/lightning ports, which can be transferred at high speed between iPhone, Pad and PC. Aigo does not provide additional Type-C adapters, as this is not allowed for Mfi products. The capacity of the phone doubles in an instant after using the USB flash drive, and important documents can be stored to protect their privacy.
    • Breaking the Limit Speed: Transfer speeds are more than 20% faster than similar USB flash drive products, allowing us to save a lot of waiting time. USB interface read speed exceeds the 80MB/s limit, reaching 90MB/s, while the write speed is also up to 40mb /s. The reading speed of the Lightning interface exceeds 15MB/s to 20MB/s, and the writing speed reaches 10MB/s.
    • Plug and play: Plug in the USB flash drive without transferring data to the phone, we can directly watch videos, and then unplug it after use. If there is a nice picture, we can choose to share it directly on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Most importantly, we can back up our data at any time, whether it is a computer, iPhone or Pad.
    • Easy to Use: The Aigo U disk can be inserted and used, and there is no need to bring a data cable every day. At the same time, using Aigo products can get rid of the trouble of learning to use iTunes and iCloud. After inserting the USB flash drive, just download the Aigo official app as prompted.
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