aigo Smartwatch UM98

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      • Voice Activation Feature: Recognizing the importance of voice functions in smartwatches, UM98 introduces a dedicated voice shortcut key. This feature seamlessly connects to Siri or google assistant, enabling hands-free operations like navigation, calling, texting, and even language translation – perfect for use during activities like driving or exercising. The voice command enhances safety and convenience, especially in situations where manual phone use is impractical.
      • Universal Compatibility: Unlike other smartwatches require Android 8.0 or higher, UM98 boasts exceptional compatibility. It supports not only the latest iOS and Android devices but also older models like iPhone 4S and Android phones post-2013. This inclusivity, combined with a comfortable price point, makes the latest smart wearable technology accessible to budget-conscious consumers, maximizing appeal to a broad audience.
      • Unique Round Dial Design: Standing out in a market dominated by rectangular smartwatches, UM98 features a stylish round dial. It also boasts a high-resolution display of 412x412, offering superior clarity and visual appeal compared to standard resolutions.
      • Magnetic Charging: UM98 opts for a magnetic charging method over traditional cable charging. This innovative approach not only enhances convenience and ease of use but also adds to the durability of the device by reducing wear and tear associated with plug-in charging. Magnetic charging is a user-friendly feature that aligns with the modern, on-the-go lifestyle of our customers.
      • Continuously record your daily walking step, distance and calorie burned. Suitable for outdoor sports, help you to develop a scientific fitness plan.
      • Support call and message notification. Built-in professional heart rate sensor, monitor your heart rate in 24 hours, automatically monitor sleep quality.


      • Processor: UM98
      • Screen size: 1.45" Full touch screen.
      • High Resolution: 412 x 412 pixels
      • Working time: 8+ days
      • Battery capacity: 240mAh
      • Battery type: Lithium polymer battery
      • Waterproof rating: IP68
      • Magnetic Charging: ensures a secure fit and proper alignment for charging.
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