aigo SSD P7000Z M.2 SSD

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  • Huge Speed Boost: Sequential read of Aigo P7000Z SSD speeds up to 7,450MB/s, delivering pure performance, huge power and unrivaled endurance.
  • Low Power Consumption and Strong Heat Dissipation: The maximum power consumption has been reduced to below 1.7W, effectively ensuring the life of the SSD. We have graphene patches that allow computers to run at high speeds without a extra heavy heatsink.
  • Ultimate PCIe 4.0: AIGO P7000Z adopts the latest PCIe Gen4.0×4 technology and M.2 port, reaching near the max performance of PCIe 4.0. For maximum performance please check your hardware (motherboard) and system for PCle 4.0 storage compatibility.
  • Greatly Improve Computer Performance: Compared with PCIe 3.0 and Sata Ⅲ SSD, P7000Z SSD can improve startup speed, enhance multitasking, reduce software loading speed, improve system response speed, and even reduce game scene switching time.
  • Durable: Solid-state drives are designed to withstand shock and vibration to a great extent. There is no need to worry that the vibration caused by the computer running will damage the SSD.
  • Aigo offers a five-year limited warranty with a capacity of 1800TBW.
  • Aigo offers a five-year limited warranty with a capacity of 3600TBW.
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